Bucchioni Coastal Senate Campaign Guidance:

Our Coastal Delaware Community Leader's Advisory Board (Scroll Down)

Dr. Mohammad Akhter M.D. | Public Health And Aging Advisory.

Selected Highlights: Former Executive Director National Medical Association |  Senior Associate Dean Howard University College of Medicine | Executive Director APHA (American Public Health Association) | Health Commissioner Washington, D.C.

Mohammad has been leading the movement for the health empowerment of the American public. As executive director of the American Public Health Association (APHA), he has been instrumental in informing the nation about the need for cohesion and cooperation between public and private agencies, medical and public health communities, professional institutions and the public they exist to serve.

Dr. Akhter used his position as health commissioner of the District of Columbia to cultivate strong ties to interfaith communities. “Working with the faith community is part of public health,” he says. “If people have respect in an institution, then we need to build on that.” Those ties paid off during a push to raise the immunization rate for DC-area children. Akhter personally spoke at most of the 127 churches in the District and connected with faith community leaders to help spread the word and make the campaign successful.

Dennis Berlin | Senior Political Advisory.  Dennis is the President of  Government Portfolio LLC.  Originally from Baltimore by way of Washington D.C. he is well experienced in working with RD14 of the Democratic Party and the Eastern Sussex Democrats organization over the years. Dennis studied Finance at the University of Maryland, College Park.


David (Dave) Breen | Retired People Advisory.  Dave was formerly involved in the fast-paced, high-tech healthcare industry with the largest hospital system in America.  He has been recently working with essential organizational changes so local non-profit groups like Capital Ringers and Sussex2030 can flourish. He is a Veteran and degreed in Environmental Sciences & Engineering,

Dave believes that the explosion of Retired People in Sussex County is the key to achieving sustainable quality of life for today’s residents and its future generations. “Today’s retirees are active and committed to making a difference. They recognize everything is connected; adapting to change is essential to a Lower Slower Delaware (LSD) life".

Kathy Carpenter Brown | LGBTQ Advisory.  Kathy is an advocate with a number of the LGBTQ organizations from Rehoboth Beach as well as throughout the East Coast. She is active with local groups i.e. PFLAG, Stonewall, TransLiance, and Camp Rehoboth. Kathy brings additional campaign expertise from working with Delaware State Senator |  Democratic National Executive Committee member Sarah McBride's election organization.

Shelly Cohen | Disabilities Advisory.  Shelly has been a champion advocate for the disabled in the coastal region. The League of Women Voters, Sussex Health And Environmental Network, and Keep Our Wells Clean, are just a few of the many groups she is active in day after day.

As a former career underwriter supervisor, she worked with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Labor Codes. "People are confronted with accessibility obstacles both physical and intellectual at home, in school, and in their employment". Shelly said. She also mentioned' "Every effort should be made to provide accommodation for all types of disabilities so every Delawarean can live and participate in their community".

William Collick | Education Advisory.  Bill is currently is on the Cape Henlopen School Board. He is a former American football, wrestling coach, and college athletics administrator. He served as the head football coach at Delaware State University from 1985 to 1996, compiling a record of 81–48.

Collick was also the athletic director at Delaware State from 1996 to 2000. After leaving Delaware State, Collick coached high school football, as head football coach at Sussex Technical High School in Georgetown, Delaware from 2000 to 2009 and Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, Delaware from 2010 until his retirement following the 2017 season.

Bill was also inducted into the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference Hall of Fame in 2007 and the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame in 2008. Bill produced 11 straight winning football seasons and 62 first team All Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) players at Delaware State University (1985-96). He also produced six All-Americans and 19 Professional players

Boe Daley | Intelligent County Growth Advisory. Boe is a very active retired teacher who will question any growth project that has the potential to destroy Sussex County's "Quality of Life".  She is involved with the Dirickson Creek Friends, Sussex2030 and SSCCAG (Southern Sussex County Community Action Group), and keeps her finger on the pulse of many local issues that involve rapid, out of control land development.  Boe has also volunteered for the CIB (Center for the Inland Bays) and currently organizes groups for DelDOT's Adopt a Highway program.

Charlie Garlow Esq. Climate Change | Transportation Infrastructure Advisory.  EAC Board member since 2016, Charlie recently left his position as an Air Enforcement Attorney for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, forcing air polluters who violate the Clean Air Act to come into compliance since 1987. He is an advocate for clean air, clean technologies, smart transportation alternatives and alternatives to carbon based fuels, and environmental protection generally.

A graduate of Harvard University’s undergraduate college, and West Virginia University Law School, Charlie has served in a number of public interest positions as an attorney, including Nader’s Corporate Accountability Research Group, Legal Aid of Passaic County, NJ, Sierra Club of Connecticut, West Virginia Citizens Action Group, and the WV Attorney General’s office Consumer Protection and Health Divisions.  He also serves on the board of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

Viv Holt | Women's Rights Advisory. Viv, from New York City, via Washington D.C., has been a women's rights advocate her entire adult life. Viv's recent past has included serving on the communications team of The Women's March and ad-hoc elections work for the League of Women Voters in Sussex, County Delaware.

She was a key inside manager for the 2018 Bucchioni State House core campaign. Viv was the main driver behind organizing meet /greets, recruiting, training, and phone bank | volunteer operations up to and including Getting Out The Vote (GOTV) on Election day.

Peter J. Keenan  |  Commerce, Organized Labor, Jobs Advisory.  Former Personnel Director of the IBEW International Office. A renowned community activist, his leadership was displayed over many years as a member of the Washington Metropolitan Project with Industry Advisory Committee that employs the disabled in the D.C. area. He was a board member of the Washington, D.C., AFL-CIO Community Services Agency, which gave him its top award. The March of Dimes did the same.

Pete has also represented employees on a variety of health boards and as a member of the Democratic National Committee, the Southern Poverty Law Center, People for the American Way and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation.

Pete currently is the President of the IBEW  International Officers and Representatives Retirees club.

Charlotte King  | Criminal Justice | Public Safety Advisory: One of the most respected community leaders in southern Delaware without a doubt is Charlotte. Words don't fully explain the positive impact she has had on our community.

Some of the groups she still is actively involved with are: Chair of the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice, First State Action Committee, League of Women Voters, and The Sunshine Circle to mention a few. It is with great pride we have the opportunity to be working with Charlotte to shape the Senate 6 future.

Ken Klock | Veteran's Concerns Advisory.  Ken, is an army vet, and active VFW member with an accounting degree. He is a fierce avocate for helping any one in need. From humble beginnings Ken is in a position now to gladly give back to his community and does. We welcome him in this much needed coastal advisory role as there are thousands of Vets residing in this area.

Ken, growing up in a small anthracite coal mining town, is now living full time in Coastal Delaware. Noteworthy is how far he has come in life, always willing to help anyone in need, a life well lived.  In addition to his military tours,  Ken was a top tier winning high school head football coach, athletic director, and played post college professionally in Europe as well as America.  Ken has been duly honored  for his lifetime sports accomplisments by being inducted into the Pennsylvania Sport's Hall of Fame.

Jamie McKenna Esq. | Legal Staff. Jamie is a graduate of Villanova University and Seton Hall University School of Law, and is a member of the New York and New Jersey Bars.  She spent most of her career in and around New York City, with practice areas focusing on corporate litigation and appellate advocacy.  Upon coming out as a trans woman, she moved to Delaware and shifted to primarily non-profit work.  She is involved with local LGBTQ advocacy groups such as Transliance and PFlag.  She was a volunteer for several national and local political campaigns, and brings her experience in both law and politics to Jack's campaign.

Maria Payan | Environmental Justice Advisory.  Maria is currently the facilitator of the Sussex Health and Environmental Network as well as a nationally known Mid Atlantic coordinator of numerous activist groups throughout America to include The national advocacy group SRAP (Socially Responsible Agricultural Project)

Maria is recognized as one of Delaware's most influential people of 2022 by Delaware -On-Line.
Delaware Online/The News Journal highlights yearly those who have a big impact in the First State – from the entertainment world that is just returning after largely going dark in 2020, to activists that rallied to help their neighbors, to politicians.

Dr. John Quinn | Education Advisory.   John is a former Assistant Superintendent of Schools For Baltimore County as well as Worcester County in Maryland. He became familiar with upgrading fast internet infrastructures throughout the districts to enhance all students wherever they were. He is recently retired on the Eastern Shore of Sussex County, Delaware.

As an Interesting aside, John was a high school, and college All American football player playing pro for the Philadelphia Eagles. In addition he was academic All American in college.  John was best remembered as Tri-Captain one of the few Penn State undefeated seasons to date.  John was also a Penn State football teammate of Heisman Trophy winner John Cappelletti. He coached football at most levels to include being an assistant at Penn State University. Dr. Quinn has a degree in Environmental Science as well as a teaching certificate.

Melissa LID