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Cape Gazette:

‘Delawareans by choice’ are all welcome

March 25, 2022

We, as coastal area citizens, fortunately, enjoy a beautiful ocean environment with a fair, tolerant society for all. Yes, we can do better, albeit, the future looks hopeful and the vision is clear.

Lately, one notes various opinion pieces commenting negatively on the influx of folks moving into eastern Sussex, settling into their “sunset years.” Most arrive here after a successful life’s work of contributing to society in a significant fashion. Many retirees come from Boston, New York City, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, D.C., and points elsewhere to here, one of the top 10 retirement destinations in America.

These unsung heroes are worldly, educated, well to do, and are prime examples of successful lives! To a larger extent, they blend in quickly, giving back time, energy and monies to the local communities without hesitation, asking little in return.

After looking at the census and supporting statistics, it is noteworthy that these retired “Delawareans by choice” appear to now be the majority resident in the beach areas. This influx has hit the tipping point; coastal citizens need to amplify their own voice and seat at the table in Dover.

This movement is significant. It is changing the upside potential of coastal Sussex County, bringing a tremendous talent pool of ideas, energy and leaders to move into the future.

To the above, I say, welcome to the dance, pull up a chair.

John (Jack) Bucchioni 
Candidate, Delaware State Senate District 6 

Jack Bucchioni is most qualified for Senate seat

April 8, 2022

I want to go on record as endorsing Jack Bucchioni for the office of the sixth district of the Delaware Senate, which represents the coastal region. Jack has worked locally for all people, as inclusion is an integral part of his character and makeup. He has been an intense advocate over the last decade; due in large part because he works at it! Jack would bring outstanding credentials to this position, for he has been a difference maker for over three decades in education, athletics, the consumer product industries and Delaware public service.

As it relates to the fields of education and athletics, Jack Bucchioni has been successful, accessible and willing to work with students, parents, staff and in the communities which he served. In the field of the consumer products industry, he has demonstrated the ability and skills to effectively manage and be successful.

When one looks at Delaware public service, Jack has been historically elected to various Delaware Democratic Party positions in recent years, culminating with the securing of a voting seat on the State Democratic Executive Committee of 25, representing Sussex County. Also, Jack has been the executive producer of the Democratic Party "Dem-A-Thon,” a live fundraising broadcast during the time of COVID 19, which helped the county party raise tens of thousands of operating dollars.

The area community service has consistently witnessed Jack be a volunteer for multiple years. Some of the volunteer groups that Jack has worked with are as follows: Lewes American Legion Post 17, Milton Lions Club, Sussex County League of Women Voters, Sussex Health and Environmental Network, Beau Biden Foundation, Mid-Atlantic Justice Coalition and Friendship Baptist Church of Lewes.

Jack is currently the owner of the Delaware Press Association award-winning Blue Coast Talk Media (community broadcasting), which helps local causes amplify their message to tens of thousands of residents.

Having worked closely on a local project with Jack, I confidently say that he understands the importance of giving back, as well as dealing congenially with the public. Specifically, Jack Bucchioni is a bright, energetic and competent individual who displays outstanding management skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills. Furthermore, his ongoing demonstrations of honesty and reliability are the foundation for his ability to direct, manage and motivate people, serving as an outstanding trademark for public service leadership.

In closing, I would like to say to you that Jack Bucchioni possesses excellent ideas and tremendous organizational skills; all with a true sense for establishing goals and putting in the work to accomplish them. Therefore, I believe the next, most-qualified person with the needed holistic skills to best represent eastern Sussex as our next Delaware state senator is Jack Bucchioni.

William W. (Bill) Collick